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4-Channel Advanced Smartech Radio Remote Control RC Slylark Helicopter (REFURBISHED)

4-Channel Advanced Smartech Radio Remote Control RC Slylark Helicopter (REFURBISHED)
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Product Description

Smartech Skylark 4-Channel Advanced Remote Control Helicopter
Learn to fly the most sophisticated Remote Controlled helicopter indoors or out - now with optional Eyecam color video camera!

 *REFURBISHED* ADVANCED 4-Channel R/C Helicopter + a Full 4-CH GWS Radio Control Transmitter !!! READY TO FLY IN MINUTES ...


We're sure you will agree that Radio Controlled helicopters are complicated and difficult to fly, but the Skylark is different. The Skylark's advanced electric circuitry has eliminated over 95% of the necessary parts that make a conventional helicopter fly. Assembly time is only about thirty minutes, and couldn't be easier. It's a rare thing to find a product that is so technologically advanced that it's actually easy. The three state-of-the-art piezo gyros incorporated in each Skylark add a new dimension to flying Radio Controlled helicopters by making our helicopter easier to fly.



  • Battery Opearted Helicopter
  • Rotary Wing Span = ~2ft, length = 1.5 ft
  • Twin- Powerful Motors,built-in mixer and gyro
  • 4 Channel R/C Set included, complete Left/Right,Up/Down and Pitch Control
  • ~20 mins flight time
  • REFURBISHED, In original Package
  • Powered by re-chargable battery (NiMH 8.4V)(adaptor included)
  • Easy Assembly , READY TO FLY in Mins. NO EXTRA SERVOS NEEDED and R/C equipment needed
  • Frequency 40Mhz (Interchangable Crystals)
  • Dimensions (inches) : Rotary Wing Span = ~2ft, length = 1.5 ft
  • Weight of helicopter: 18 Oz

The Skylark comes with everything you need to fly - a complete package.

Don't let the small size fool you. The Skylark has achieved the perfect balance between form and function. The ultra lightweight body and beautiful lines of our helicopter make it a flying masterpiece. The unique electronic control system by acclaimed GWS maker is beautifully designed and enables our helicopter to be much easier to fly and fun to master. You'll have complete control like you're inside the cockpit yourself- absolutely full aerial maneuverability. You can launch this baby from anywhere you want. Launch off the coffee table, fly through the doorway and circle around the bathroom, chase your dogs around and finally land in your hand. The Skylark's range is only limited by your eye-sight !!!

If you are thinking of buying a gas helicopter or a different electric helicopter, re-assess your options. The Skylark has a minimal number of parts - unlike the other helicopter designs. This means when you crash (everyone does) the Skylark, there are fewer parts to break and you never really need to worry about the body because it's surrounded by protections and damage will rarely hit the body.

Crashing a gas helicopter causes as much as $400-$600 in damage, and this is not uncommon. When you crash a gas helicopter the rotors usually tear the helicopter into pieces because of their mass and size. Our newly redesigned rotors are efficient, safe, and are inexpensive to replace.

If you have always wanted the coolest toy on the block, now is the right time to make your purchase of the all-new Skylark, ready to be shipped from the United States.

Order one today. You won't regret it!

This Less-Than-New Product is functional but may be slightly used or blemished. It has been carefully inspected and repackaged.  Limited Stocks!  All of our helicopters sold as-refurbished are returned by customers who DON'T know how to fly and upon inspecting, they are found to be defective free and fly great!  If you are planning to buy a refurbished helicopter, it is recommended that you are a professional at this hobby business.  Keep in mind that if you cannot fly this unit, it's not because it's refurbished; it really takes skills to master this toy!