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450XT Outrunner Brushless Motor

450XT Outrunner Brushless Motor
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Product Description

This is an awesome direct drive Motor. Fly's awesome in most park flyer type planes. Excellent torque for the 3D birds & Gliders to 30 oz. Customer feedback shows a 10x8 prop is pulling less then 14 amps on a 3-cell lipo and still pulling better then 22oz. of thrust.

The 450 Series is bigger then the 400's we offer. Diameter of this motor is 27.7mm with a body length of 45mm. It weighs only 64 grams (Just over 2oz.). And has a 3mm shaft. Conveniently configured for pusher or puller application.

Motor comes with an axi mount and screws. Does not come with bullet type connectors to plug to the ESC. And has fit every 28mm aluminum outrunner type mount I have tried so far.


450XT : Direct Drive

3-4 Cell Lipo

950KV ~ 13 Amps

Direct Drive Stats (Stats by us at 4,907' above sea level)

Prop Battery Thrust oz. Amps
9x7.5 11.1v Lipo 12 oz. 16 Amps
10x7 11.1V Lipo 24 oz. 17 Amps
11x4.7 11.1V Lipo 28 oz 18 Amps

Tech Notes: Nice, Nice, Nice motor.  Would be an excellent replacement for any park flyer in the 18oz. range. One of the best qualities for a guy who just likes to fly, pulling 25 minute flight time out of the GWS corsair with a 1600 mah 3 cell (conservative on the throttle). Upcoming projects include a FFF Giles, GWS Me-109, and who knows what else.

Suggested set up: Direct drive with a 10x7 or 11x4.7 prop.