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43" 3-Channel R/C GoldEagle LXL Radio Remote Control RC Airplane RTF "HeroBird"

43" 3-Channel R/C GoldEagle LXL Radio Remote Control RC Airplane RTF "HeroBird"
Item# 433rcgolxlra

Product Description

GoldEagle LXL "HEROBIRD" electric radio-controlled glider/plane kit including 3 channel transmitter.



Newest 380 Turbo model ! DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURE...

This kit has a 43" wingspan and is RTF (ready to fly).  It includes a motor, two servos with control rods, and receiver pre-installed.  It also comes with a NiCd battery flight pack, and charger.    

This aircraft operates as both a glider and a plane.  The huge wingspan in combination with lightweight construction and  the powerful 380 Mabuchi type motor provide terrific lift.  Once airborne at high altitudes simply use the on/off switch on the transmitter to cruise using the breeze or thermals to glide with.  


  • Superb rising velocity of almost 400 feet per minute.

  • The 3 point aerofoil is designed for tight maneuvering, hard banking and soft-gliding into moderate headwinds.

  • With over a  43" wingspan and with the equivalent of over 3 football fields of control distance, this plane is perfect for summer thermals!

  • The propeller location aft of the main wing minimizes destruction in case of nose-dive type crashes.

  • Speed at full throttle is 40 mph!

  • 2 channels are used to manipulate the elevator (pitch) and rudder (yaw); a 3rd channel is used for operating the on/off switch of the motor. 

The main and tail wings attach quickly so it only takes about 20 minutes to assemble, and other than charging the NiCd pack for about 6 hours on the first go round your ready to fly within hours after you receive the package.  The battery pack  will get you about 16 minutes of flight time (can go up to 20 minutes if you turn the power off at high altitudes and start gliding), and each charge after that is about 3-4 hours.  The cockpit part of the fuselage is made of durable sturdy hard plastic and the tail boom section is made of carbon fiber.  The wings are made of light weight molded and coated reinforced foam.  No gluing, pasting or painting is required and again, all components are completely pre-installed!

The transmitter operates at 26~27 Mhz.  One channel operates the elevator, and a second channel operates the rudder, and a third channel operates the throttle with an on/off switch.

Beginners shouldn’t fly it with any more wind than about 8 mph of wind, but experienced pilots should be able to fly the B with confidence in 12-15 mph winds.  The B also comes equipped with optional landing gear so you can hand launch or launch with a rolling take-off and even try to some touch-and-go’s!

This plane is recommended for 13 years or older.  Youngsters under this age generally will not be able to hand throw or hold the plane for take off once the engine starts, as the thrust and power of the 380 motor will easily pull out of a weak grasp.  Also, this plane needs the full radius of it's 1600 foot distance of control, therefore if you are a beginning pilot you definitely need some unobstructed, cleared land to fly in.

Inside the plane itself contains a micro receiver, a control board, motor, and two sub-micro servos.  Additionally the parts in this plane are separate units.  They are not a single integrated cluster of parts where if one part breaks the complete unit needs to be replaced.   Spare Parts are in Stock for whoever needs it in our Ebay Store

Specifications: US/English size/weight Metric size/weight

1. Wingspan: 43.7 inches 1110mm
2. Length:  35 inches 889mm
3. Weight:

16.5 ounces

4. Power Supply (flight pack):  7.2V 900mAh (6 cell) 7.2V 900mAh (6 cell)
5. Radio Equipment: 3 channel PC-2DR 26-27 Mhz. 3 channel PC-2DR 26-27 Mhz. 
6. Motor 380 380
7. Distance of Control: 1600 Feet 500m
8. Rising velocity: 6.5 Feet per second 2 meters per second
9. Flight time: 12-15 minutes on each charged flight pack.
10. Packing details:.
Each unit is packed in hard foam insulated box.