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400F Outrunner Brushless Motor 2250 RPM

400F Outrunner Brushless Motor 2250 RPM
Item# BrushlessMotor_400F
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Product Description

These new brushless rotating can motors are based on CDrom stators. This one is a double stator design. This motor produces an amazing amount of power and the quality is second to none. Do not be fooled by the CDrom stator these are very powerful and well built motors.

This 400F is the one you want if you would like the versatility of adding a gearbox for different propeller combos, also good for high speed direct drive applications

Motor Max Motors 400F
High powered motor for 3D park fliers
400 gearbox required for larger props
2.3mm output shaft
Max continuos current 15 amps
Weight 46.5g, KV:2250
Diameter 26mm, Length w/o shaft 27.2mm