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400XT Outrunner Brushless Motor 980 RPM

400XT Outrunner Brushless Motor 980 RPM
Item# BrushlessMotor_400XT
Price: $29.95

Product Description

An excellent motor for the larger indoor/outdoor 3D machine such as the SMC Dragonfly, Splot, Buddy Buddy, Protech Ultimate and Tojero. Unlike the other motors in the range the shaft is reversed on the XT so the shaft projects from the rotating can end.

Battery Pack 2-3 Lithium polymer cells
Current 10A Continious
KV 980 rpm per Volt
Prop (direct drive) 9 x 3.8 to 11 x 3.8
Body Diameter 26mm.
Body Length 24mm
Weight 46g
Shaft 3.0mm