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3-Channel Radio Remote Control ~FireEagle XL Airplane RTF+RC Wireless Spy PLANE Camera!

3-Channel Radio Remote Control ~FireEagle XL Airplane RTF+RC Wireless Spy PLANE Camera!
Item# EagleXL+CAM
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Product Description

Special!!! Limited Time offer!  This is a Brand New, Huge Radio Controlled Aircraft - Yellow 3CH+ Glider Full 3 channel Radio control equipment included and installed !!! + a complete micro-size wireless r/c spy camera kit !!!

And for a limited amount of time, I am including the 3ch airplane with an mini wireless r/c spy camera kit.  The camera kit comes brand new, and it will require some skill for you to install this baby on the airplane.  Will take a little work, but hey, this is all part of the fun!  Imagine the finished product "a camera mounting on a airplane" and you can use hook up the receiver to an camcorder and record every aerial and stunts in the air!  How awesome is that!!!  We did a few projects with this camera and yes, it does work.  Do a little cutting and trimming and connect the camera to draw power from the airplane battery and find a way to stick the camera onto the airplane and you have one heck of a toy !!!

Great projects for everyone.  And even if you decide not to use the camera for the airplane, you can always find use with other projects like helicopters, cars, your dogs and cats, monitor your room and stuffs!!! The possibilities of fun is almost endless!!!

The Gold Eagle Xl is now our best selling and most popular model-  No other RTF Aircart offers so much - Excellent flying qualities with the ability to upgrade makes this unbeatable the model takes our excellent Firebird XL 400 and gives it a upgrade, We asked for a stronger fuselage, with better crash resistance, a thicker tail boom and MOST OF ALL the ability to do basic aerobatics like loops and rolls. Well we got it and its brilliant, it keeps the same gentle and stable flying properties of the Firebird but with the extra control ability to change height.


You could do your first flights on the Gold Eagle Xl and then up grade to the gold eagle 2 wing and the LXL tail, we even have a 8.4v Battery available to give more speed

I like the whole of the gold eagle range , they are very well made, very good fliers with good quality RC, and we have a very good stock of spares .. It flies very gently and is very stable, Takes of from the ground and and will fly for a good 15mins, Its light enough to hand launch. You can add the GoldEagle 2 XL wing which gives you excellent gliding and higher speed


Wing span: 40.2"
Length: 28.5"
Weight: 16 oz

Motor: hi-power 380

Radio: 3 ch 27MHZ FM
Throttle:  proportional
Duration: 16+ minutes
range:   over 1600ft
Wing spar:carbon


complete wireless micro cam kit including:

  • Wireless video COMS camera
  • SW receiver (Black/White/Silver)
  • Receiver antenna
  • 12V direct current stabilizer for receiver use 
  • 8V direct current stabilizer for camera use 
  • Wire for video signal connecting 
  • Wire for battery connecting
Camera Shot    1/3 , and 1/4 picture sensors
System    PAL/CCIR        NTSC/EIA
Effective Element    PAL: 628x582        NTSC: 510x492
Picture Area    PAL: 5.78x4.19mm        NTSC: 4.69x3.45mm
Definition    380 Lines
Scanning Frequency    PAL/CCIR: 50Hz        NTSC/EIA: 60Hz
Minimum Illumination    3LUX
Output Frequency    900MHz to 1200MHz
Power Supply    +6 volt DC to +12 volt DC
Power Consumption    200 mW