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3-Channel Radio Remote Control Airplane RC Plane AEROBIRD IIXL (Refurbished)

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Product Description


The Gold Eagle 2XL "AKA" SKY-ROC is now our best selling and most popular model-  No other RTF Aircraft offers so much - Excellent flying qualities with the ability to upgrade makes this unbeatable the model takes our excellent Firebird XL 400 and gives it a upgrade, We asked for a stronger fuselage, with better crash resistance, a thicker tail boom and MOST OF ALL the ability to do basic aerobatics like loops and rolls. Well we got it and its brilliant, it keeps the same gentle and stable flying properties of the Firebird but with the extra control ability to change height.

You could do your first flights on the Gold Eagle XL "SKY ROC" and then upgrade to the gold eagle 2 wing and the LXL tail !!!

I like the whole of the gold eagle "skyroc" range , they are very well made, very good fliers with good quality RC, and we have a very good stock of spares .. It flies very gently and is very stable, Takes of from the ground and and will fly for a good 15mins, Its light enough to hand launch.

The easiest flying R/C plane ever!
Thanks to its innovative Flight-Trak control system, your Goldeagle can be flown smoothly and accurately with just two simple controls; steering and proportional throttle. The throttle provides for climb, cruise, or descent-the steering means you literally steer your plane left and right through the sky. Fact is, Flying a Goldeagle is a lot like driving a radio controlled car. You're virtually guaranteed a successful, funfilled RC flying adventure.


Wingspan: 41"
Length: 28.5"
Weight: 16oz
Motor: Hi-power 380
Radio: 3-CH 27MHz FM
Throttle: Proportional
Steering: Proportional
Duration: 16+ Minutes
Range: Over 1600 ft
Wing Spar: Carbon
Crash Shield: Stainless Steel

Left Steering
Right Steering

All the great features of the origional Goldeagle and more!
BIGGER: 40 inch span
MORE POWER: Takes off from the ground with ease
LONGER DURATION: Over 16 minute flights
BETTER CONTROL: Improved surfaces
FlIGHT TRAK: Control system makes flying virtually goof-proof
Product Condition

This Less-Than-New used product is functional and is used or blemished. It has been inspected and repackaged.  Limited Stocks!