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3383 Panther Lunar RC Stunt Car w/ Black Wheel

3383 Panther Lunar RC Stunt Car w/ Black Wheel
Item# 3383_stunt car
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Product Description

High performance Panther stunt car!!! The ultimate Lunar RC Stunt Car can do some of the wildest tricks. The Lunar Stunt Car does stunts no other RC car can do, Frenzied flips and screaming spins! The secret is the unique 360¢X spinning front axle. When Turbo Twister hits an obstacle, it just goes over¡Kor around. There¡¦s no stopping the Turbo Twister! Try it once and you¡¦ll have it doing spiral spins, super wheelies and amazing flip overs!

Turbo Twister Features:

Super Wheelies
Spinning Action
Blazing Speed
Turbo 360 Degrees Front Axle Spins
Top-mounted wheels for numerous tricks?the Turbo
Twister can't be beat!
Incredible acrobatics! Includes charger and rechargeable batteries!

Wanna see the toy in action?  Click play below!!!