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3-Channel Slope Diver EP RC Airplane Airframe KIT (Yellow)

3-Channel Slope Diver EP RC Airplane Airframe KIT (Yellow)
Item# 3380-2Y-AccipiterBadiusYellow-KIT
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Product Description

The 3-CH Slope Diver has successfully trained thousands of newbie radio controlled pilots worldwide. The Slope Diver is capable of take-offs from the ground with its 42" wingspan.

Accipiter Badius Airplane

Accipiter Badius Airplane


US/English size/weight

Metric size/weight

1. Wingspan:

42 inches


2. Length:

32 inches


3. Weight:

15.87 ounces


4. Distance of Control:

1600 feet


5. Rising velocity:

16 feet per second

5 meters per second


Motor, ESC, Receiver, Transmitter (Not Included)

This newly designed and released 3-CH R/C Airplane glider/plane kit has a extra large 42 inch (over 1 meter) wingspan. 
Accipiter Badius Airplane

This aircraft operates as both a motorized glider and a plane. The huge wingspan in combination with lightweight construction. Once airborne at high altitudes simply use the variable speed control on the transmitter to adjust throttle speed or simply turn it off completely glide and collapse the prop in flight for maximum airborne flight time!

The plane operates on 3 channels: one channel operates the elevator, a second channel operates the rudder and a third channel operates the throttle control with a variable speed control knob.

Beginners shouldn't fly the 3-CH R/C Airplane in more than about 8 mph (13 kph) of wind. However experienced pilots should be able to fly the plane with confidence in 12-15 mph (19-24 kph) winds.

This plane is recommended for 14 years or older,  Also, this plane needs the full radius of it's 1600 foot (500 meter) distance of control. So the pilot definitely will need some unobstructed, cleared land in which to fly.