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300DF Brushless Motor 2250 RPM

300DF Brushless Motor 2250 RPM
Item# BrushlessMotor_300DF
Price: $29.95

Product Description

The 300DF is a light motor, designed to fly park flyers. Use the 300DF with a 3:1 or gearbox and large prop 8x4, or a speed demon on a 5x3 inch or smaller prop. 2 cell Lipo or 3 cell Lipo can be used with all this motor, but best performance can be achieved by using 3 cells+4.5:1 gear ratio with 12X6, or 11X7 or 11X4.7 props. The data for other props and gears:

For 3.4:1 gearing use 11x7 HD, 11x4.7 SF

For 4.5:1 gearing use 12x6, 11X4.7, 11X7 SF

300DF pusher props have proven to be spectacular. It has been flown with Wing Warrior Zaggis, Wattage HyperWing and Edge RC delta wing planes. Using a small prop direct drive and wings around 16 Oz weight, this is the best you can get at this price. With a 5x4 prop it draws about 12 amps. It is equally good with large props in a gearbox. So decide whether you want speed - 50+ MPH or slow fly with large props and a lot of torque and use this motor for both.


Max Current: 10 Amps.

KV: 2250

Weight: 29.7 grams

Shaft Diameter: 2.3mm

Mount holes: standard 16.5 & 19.5

We have done extensive testing on this motor and are really excited about putting it into action in some of our IFO's, Tiger Moths (can you say 3D Tiger Moth), PT-17, and any plane 12 oz's or less should go 3D !

The motor has been tested and works well with two and three LiPo cells in series. I like them on three LiPos !

A two cell runs between 6 and 8.4 volts. A three cell runs between 9 and 12.6 volts, depending on the state of charge. See the Tech Chart to figure out what type of performance you'll get with these motors.