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The 2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Eye Cam w/ Microphone

The 2.4Ghz Wireless Mini Eye Cam w/ Microphone
Item# SpyCam_RC211A-CM201CWAS
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Product Description

Product Description

The Eyecam all-in-one color video camera is one of the world's smallest color video cameras with built in transmitter available. The size of this camera is breaking new ground in aerial video surveillance technology and now starting at a low low price, you can have the coolest spy gadget in the world! Amazing!
You can even attach it to your own project, and whether it's being used for law enforcement, government agencies, military, or just private use, you'll be satisfied with the superior image quality.
Our spy-cam carries more bandwidth for the video signal and results in accurate color and sharper pictures.

The perfect low cost solution for your security needs, Micro Color SpyCam is tiny in size for undetected surveillance. Easy plug and play installation, Micro Color SpyCam connects to a television or VCR for live viewing or recording with clear image quality. Versatile, the Micro Bug SpyCam can be installed in the home or workplace, to monitor valuable property and people. You also have the option of viewing SpyCam on your PC, with the use of PC video capture cards. SpyCam can even magnify your subject through its macro lens!


Receiving Frequency: 2414Mhz ~ 2468MHz
Video Output: 75 /1Vp-p
Power Consumption: <2W
Work Temperature: -10~50C
Size: 115 X 80 X 21mm
Weight: 120g (aluminum cover)



AV line
2 DC 8v power adapters