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New 2.4Ghz 3 Channel UDI U10 Gunship Apache RC Helicopter

Item# 28H-UDIU10-GunShip-Green
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Product Description

The amazing Apache Gunship has flown tours around the world and back. Many nations use it as their primary attack helicopter. Now you can experience the thrill of controlling this beast of a machine. UDI R/C brings you the U10 Apache Gunship featuring a co-axial drive system and 3 channel control giving you the ability to fly up, down, forward, back, and rotate clockwise or counter-clockwise. Controlling this helicopter is a 2.4ghz radio transmitter system with an LCD screen giving you trim information so you can trim your flight on the fly. The transmitter features an ¡§accelerate¡¨ function which allows the pilot to speed up the blades and gain more speed. The transmitter also has a light function that allows the pilot to turn on or off the LED light on the nose of the chopper. A 3.7v lithium battery delivers the power to 2 brushed motors providing that extra power and flight time. No worries after a slight crash because extra main blades and a tail blade keeps that rotor system running.?

Package Includes:
1 x 3CH 2.4G Apache RC Helicopter
1 x LCD 2.4ghz Remote Tramsmitter
1 x 3.7V 580mAh Li-poly Battery
1 x Set of Main Rotor Blade
1 x Rear rotor blade
1 x Instruction Manual