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New 3 Channel RC Helicopter UDI U13A 2.4Ghz w/ Video Camera

Item# 28H-UDI-U13A
Price: $55.95
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Product Description

The new sleek U13A 2.4GHz 3 channel metal framed helicopter comes with a built in gyro to help keep flight as stable as possible. Equipped with a video camera, the U13A adds an exciting new aspect to RC helicopters. The digital 2.4GHz transmitter and receiver helps to maintain a strong connection between the pilot and the copter. Easy to fly and with a range of 500 feet, this helicopter is perfect for recording videos and making fun movies from angles that would otherwise be impossible without costly camera equipment.

1. Propeller Diameter: 10 inches
2. Length: 11inches
3. Height: 6 inches
4. Approximate flying time: 10 minutes
5. Approximate flying height: 500 feet
6. Approximate control range: 500 feet
7. Battery: Lithium Polymer Battery

Package Includes:

  1. U13A 3 Channel Helicopter
  2. Video Camera
  3. 2.4ghz Remote Transmitter
  4. Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
  5. AC Wall Charger
  6. Instructions