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Great Wall Toys 1:43 Scale Sprint 2.4ghz Radio Control Car (White)

Item# 28C-GWT-2209-White
Price: $28.95
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Product Description

Ever wish you had a mini small scaled buggy that you can run everywhere in your house? Turn the carpet and steps into a off road track? Now you can with the Great Wall Toys Sprint radio control cars. The 1:43 scale closely resembles the size of die cast cars from the early days, however nothing about these cars are antiques. They have loads of new technology built into them. The first thing you’ll notice about these buggies when you pull them out of the box is the build quality. The hard composite body shell has vivid graphics and sharp looks. Chrome headlamp housings with bright LED lights light up the road ahead. LED tail lights go on when you brake and reverse. The tires are a soft rubber compound allowing maximum grip on various types of surfaces, whether its laminate wood floors, carpet, or tile these tires will grip. Underneath the composite chassis you will find a rather large battery compartment for its size. A 110mah 3.7v lipo battery sit inside powering the brushed motor system.

The 2.4ghz radio system included has loads of features to fine tune this machine. A flip out LCD screen displays live battery capacity as well as throttle and steering inputs. Settings the trim buttons allow you to fine tune the steering alignment with audible beeps while the LCD screen gives the driver visual feedback. The short 2.4ghz flip out antenna ensures interference free driving when multiple cars are racing around your living room.

There are two ways to charge the 3.7v lipo battery. A USB charger cord is included so you can charge from any available USB port. The other way of charging is through the 2.4ghz transmitter. Flip out a port from the base of this transmitter and charge away. An LED indicator will let you know when your ready to run.

These buggies come in 4 different flavors for your choosing. Everything is ready to run out of the box except 6 AA batteries for the transmitter. Other than that you’re ready to have an all out small scale race in your home.

Radio Frequency: 2.4ghz
Length: 5in
Width: 3.5in
Height: 2.7in
Battery: 3.7v 110mah Li-Po
Charger: USB or from Transmitter

Required to Run:
6 AA Batteries