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Micro IR 3CH Indoor Co-Axial Dolphin Helicopter with Gyro and USB Cable

Micro IR 3CH Indoor Co-Axial Dolphin Helicopter with Gyro and USB Cable
Item# 28026-MiniDolphinHeli
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Product Description

The 28026 3ch Mini IR Dolphin RC Helicopter is one of the smallest and lightest 3 channel helicopter out there. This helicopter is designed for indoor flight only. The double rotor design helps stabilize flight and makes it easier to control. This model is the smallest and easiest to control 3 channel on the market. With the Built in New Technology Gyro that helps improve your flight every time. Charging is simple with the USB cable you can charge it up right at your computer.


- Built-in gyro offers the helicopter a nimble and stable flight;
- USB charging cable allows us to charge it by computer;
- Safeguard battery model to prolong the battery life;
- Dolphin shaped design looks nice and cute.


 -Infrared controlled 3ch r/c helicopter;
 - Function: go up and down, go forward and backward, turn left and right;
 - Battery for helicopter: 3.7V-140mAh li-po battery (included);
 - Battery for transmitter: 8pcs AA battery (not included);
 - Rechargeable by transmitter;
 - Charging time: 40 minutes;
 - Remote distance: 30 meters;
 - Flying time: about 8-10 minutes;
 - Color: White
Package Include:
- 3 CH Mini IR Dolphin Helicopter 
- 3-CH Radio Controller
 - Extra Tail Blade
 - Instruction Manual