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Raiden 12A High Quality Brushless Electric Motor Speed Controller Brushless ESC

Raiden 12A High Quality Brushless Electric Motor Speed Controller Brushless ESC
Item# BrushlessESC_Raiden12A
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Product Description

This is a user-friendly, easy to set up, new developed speed controller for both fix wing & Helicopter. We have produced this product to be of the highest quality, performance, and reliability at a “value-packed” price. We hope it provides you with hours of enjoyment.

High Quality

Application Fields: fix wing & Helicopter
Battery range:    
                   LI-XX = 2 ~ 3 cells; 7.2V ~10.8V
                   NI-XX = 5 ~ 9 cells; 6.0V ~ 10.8V
Working Current: 12A /16A Surge 15S
PWM frequency: 8 KHz
Maximum RPM:
                 2-pole motor / 210,000 rpm
                 6-pole motor / 70,000 rpm
                 12-pole motor / 35,000 rpm
                OVP, Over Voltage (battery) Protection
                LVP, Low Voltage Protection (soft cutoff)
BEC Current: 1A(Max.)
Ambient Temperature: 0℃- 50℃
Weigh: 12 g Size: 27 x23 x 6 (mm)

●High rate 8 KHz  switching (PWM); Supported highest motor speed: 210000 RPM (2 poles), 70000 RPM (6 poles), 35000 RPM (12 poles)
●Dynamic braking ensures prompt prop folding.
●Over Heat Protection.(OHP)
●User easily Programmable ESC Features by our ESC Programming Card.
●Low-voltage soft-cutoff protection, cause Throttle going slow down.
●Battery range protection, when the voltage of the battery pack is lower/higher than the Battery range threshold, the alarm status is activated.
●Brake/No Brake operation. Stop folding props cold — or let fixed props freewheel.
●Safe “power on” arming program ensures motor will not accidentally turn on.  
●Low torque “soft start” prevents damage to fragile gearboxes.
●Auto shut down in 2sec after when RX signal is lost or radio interference becomes severe.
●Throttle Range can be auto setting during at first power on time.
●ESC can make brushless motor play a music when all the setting is ready to go.