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2.4Ghz 3 Mini Spy Color Video Camera RC420A + 3 CM203CWAS w/ Remote Control

2.4Ghz 3 Mini Spy Color Video Camera RC420A + 3 CM203CWAS w/ Remote Control
Item# RC420A-CM203CWAS1-3
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Product Description

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1) 2.4G Locked Frequency Transmitter and Receiver.
2)Open Transmission Distance 500M
3) The receiver could be employed by infrared remote control.
3)Camera can output Video Signal Synchronously
5)Can output two groups of video signal synchronously.
6)Can the display by TV, monitor or LCD TV and so on.
Image sensor-- 1/3″Omni Vision CMOS
Validity Pixel-- PAL:628*582/NTCS: 510*492
Horizontal Definition-- 320Line
Visual Angel-- 40?54?
The range of adjusted focus-- 0.1M
Minimum illumination-- 3LuxF1.2
Frequency-- CH1:2.414GHz CH2:2.432GHz CH3:2.450GHz CH4;2.468GHz
Delay time automatically to switch for receiver-- 0.5~35″Configure freely
Open Transmission Distance-- 100M
Power-- DC8V/200mA
Work temperature-- -10~+50癈
Size-- 60*60*128mm
Weight-- 100g
Use Range
  The product is cabinet and diaphanous It is convenient to and use It could be used in the supermarket, marketplace, residence, bar and so on to monitor. It could be also fit for the family with baby to worship.
  Caution: This product must be forbidden for the illegal use!
Transmission and receiving frequencies:
CH1: 2,414MHz
CH2: 2,432MHz
CH3: 2,450MHz
Power adapter: 8V DC and 500mA
Size: 79 x 65 x 25mm
Weight: 118g
Horizontal definition: 380 lines
TV system: PAL and NTSC
Validity pixel: PAL 628 x 582
NTSC: 510 x 492
Power adapter: 8V DC and 500mA
Size: 35 x 25 x 53mm
Weight: 45g
RC420A Receiver 1pc.
CM203CWAS 3pcs.
Power Adapter 4 pcs.
AV Cable 4pcs.
Manual 1pc.