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Thunder Bird - Colco Radio Control Concept Type 2 Helicopter w/ Simulation Software
Thunder Bird - Colco Radio Control Concept Type 2 Helicopter w/ Simulation Software
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Product Description

Clc concept type ii thunder bird wireless radio control helicopter is an up-to-date high-tech product. It consists of three major sections: Helicopter mechanical structure(including fuselage, main rotor, and drive motor), electronic control equipment(including battery, electronic mixed controller, and gyroscope), and remote control unit(including remote transmitter, receiver, and servo). It can simulate most flying attitudes of modern helicopter, such as hanging in the air, rolling, yawing, and moving forward and backward. It offers unimaginable flying performance and flying time period to help you make your flying dream come true. At the same time, it is compact, and easy to operate. In particular, its unique framework structure with high strength offers high crash-resistance beyond comparison of any other model helicopter, cutting your flying cost considerably.

This device uses 9.6v rechargeable nickel cadmium battery for power supply. The wingspan of main rotor is 510mmm, the length of fuselage 545mm, maximum flying-off weight 350g, and flying radius 1000m.(depend on the flying environment. )

Full lenght:545mm
Full width:160mm
Maximal weight:300g(without battery)
Main rolor:510mm
Tail rolor:150mm
Engine: Rmf360 fully magnetic motor
Power:9.6v ni-mh battery(can play longer time! )(adaptor included)
6 channels colco t6vf radio control set(frequency: Fm72mhz), complete left/right, up/down control(rudder, aileron, elevator and throttle ), mc115h electronic speed controller,2 colco pg03 gyro micro servos built-in.