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2007 Newest Mini Remote Control Corsair Pirate Ship Racer Boat

2007 Newest Mini Remote Control Corsair Pirate Ship Racer Boat
Item# 8860_MiniCorsairPirateShip
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Product Description

2007 mini Corsair Pirate RC boats are the most amazing pool toys ever seen. 1/64 scale fully functional mini rc boats.This mini rc boats have a 15 minute run time on a 45 second charge with greater range! Corsair Pirate ship boat and Racer use TWIN MOTORS!!! Check out the specs below. We also carry larger scale rc boats.

Mini rc boats with 6 way remote control incorporating state-of-the-art advances in rechargeable batteries and the great attention to detail, and are still compact and fully functional radio controlled boats! These mini rc boats are of the highest quality. The Mini Corsair Pirate ship embody all of the style, realism, and maneuverability of a full size rc boat and is UNDER 3 INCHES LONG!!!

Thanks to the advancements in technology, our mini rc boats use rechargeable batteries small enough to fit into the 1/64 scale frame, yet powerful enough to speed them along. Specifically, mini rc boats utilize a dual, rechargeable, nickel metal hydride (Ni-NH) battery power source that offers up to 15 minutes of fun as opposed to comparably scaled radio controlled devices which last only 5 minutes after charging.

45 second charge time with up to 15 MINUTE run time with DUAL rechargable batteries in boat TWIN MOTORS offer speed and control MANUFACTURER'S 90 day warranty INCLUDES: Mini rc boat, remote, and charger.

The remote control provides full maneuverability (forward, reverse, left and right in both forward and reverse, and stop). It has an outdoor operating range of up to 50 feet and the detail is unmatched - even at 1/64 scale.

Each mini rc boat includes an innovative E-Z Snap-On Quick Charger Deck, which provides a 45-second "instant-charge". Simply place your mini rc boat on the quick charger surface for 45-seconds then drive it for up to 15 minutes! An LED light on the charger automatically shuts off once the mini rc boat is fully charged.

Race your mini rc boats in the bath tub, pool, pond, or lake. Mini rc boats are the perfect pool toys!!! IN STOCK AND IN FULL EFFECT!