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2009 Model Exceed RC F/A-18C Red Viper 31" 4-Channel Brushless Remote Control RC 70mm EDF Jet 'Ready-to-Fly'

2009 Model Exceed RC F/A-18C Red Viper  31"  4-Channel Brushless Remote Control RC 70mm EDF Jet 'Ready-to-Fly'
Item# ExceedJet_06A05-F18C-RedViper-RTF
Price: $199.95
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Product Description

Turn and burn with the ALL-NEW F/A-18C Electric Ducted Jet from Exceed RC. This EDF jet has everything you ever wanted - high-speed flying, real jet style aerobatics and has one of the BEST low-speed characteristics of any ducted fan airplane ever! Larger than most EDFs and pushers, the F18 has a HUGE presence in the sky.  Exceed RC's high quality foam gives unparalleled durability.  The F18 RTF kit include a ducted fan unit and brushless motor, assembled and balanced. Easy to put together with regular hobby CA and will survive crashes than send balsa and composite planes to the garbage can.  This is simply the BEST LOOKING and MOST ECONOMICAL EDF in its class. Only takes half an hour to put this baby together and you're set to go! 100% Ready to Fly.

What the Pro says!

A very nice model by Exceed RC.  If you are bored with the performance of the regular 64mm EDF models out there, and are looking for something a little larger, with much higher performance, this is for you. This F18 has a 70mm fan and uses a 4s 2200 lipo, and is capable of 80mph at least right out of the box. It also can handle whatever power upgrades you want to throw at it. The landing gear is unique, it is fixed gear with the mains in a non-scale semi-retracted position for much less drag.  It looks a little funny, but it works well, landings are very easy.  It will also hand-launch with no problems.I really like it so far, after about 5 flights, handling is crisp, speed is excellent, vertical performance is good, it's great for someone who wants a higher level of performance, and the quality of molding, engineering, and construction is to Exceed RC's usual high standard.


  • Wingspan: 780mm (30.70 in)
  • Length: 1160mm (45.66 in)
  • Flying Weight: 850g
  • Wing Area: 12.5dm^2
  • Wing Load: 68g/dm^2
  • 70mm Ducted Fan (2.75 in)
  • Servos: Five 9G Servos
  • Motor: 2836 Brushless Motor
  • Speed Controller : 45A
  • Power System: 4-Cell 14.8V 2200mAH LiPo Battery (Charger NOT included)
  • Radio System: 4-Channel TX and 6CH Rx


  • Pre-painted foam main fuselage with pre-installed servos (elevator (2) and aileron), brushless motor and fan, receiver compartment and hatch and ESC
  • Pre-painted foam fuselage front half. Steering servo, battery compartment and hatch and landing gear (including two front wheels) factory installed.
  • Pre-painted foam wings, stabs and fins. Wings and stabs factory hinged
  • Pre-bent main landing gear with wheels factory installed
  • Pre-painted canopy
  • Glue
  • Instruction manual
  • Foam ordinance
  • Miscellaneous building supplies

Options to Save Money!

Got your own Transmitter and Receiver? Click here for the Receiver-Ready Version

Got your own Transmitter/Receiver + Electronics? Click here for the Kit-Version

More from the Experts!

The F/A-18C is stable in flight even though you would think the nose is cantilevered way out in front of the wings. The controllability was right on, and I was never anxious during the flight. The speed is impressive, and the roar of the EDF is an attention getter to be sure.

There is nothing the Hornet cannot do in the air. The loops, rolls and inverted flight are easy to perform as are high alpha nose up pull-ups. But without a rudder you have some limitations.

The paint on the airframe is dazzling with Exceed RC 's good craftsmanship.

The wing is supplied with the ailerons pre-hinged for easy assembly.

Perfect CAD Engineering.

F/18-18C EDF RC Jet Navy

Conclusion by Review

I think NitroPlanes and ExceedRC have a winner here and one I think you will enjoy flying with confidence. I was comfortable with the flight characteristics and loved the way it looked in the air. The F/A-18C is a perfect example of good design and engineering that make a great flyer at a great price.