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1/16 Scale US PanzerKampfwagen III RC Airsoft Tank featuring Smoke , sound, and lights ( Metal Gear & Track Upgrade)

1/16 Scale US PanzerKampfwagen III RC Airsoft Tank featuring Smoke , sound, and lights ( Metal Gear & Track Upgrade)
Item# Upgrade-3848-1-MetalSmokeTank
Price: $139.95
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Product Description

US PanzerKampfwagen III RC Airsoft Tank featuring smoke, sound, and lights! ( Upgrade Version w/ Metal Gear & Tracks)

This is the new pro version tank from Heng Long. Like the standard Heng Long 1/16th tanks that can be seen here it has all the great features of a top of the range BB tank such as firing sounds, built-in bb firing, simulative motor start-up sounds, engine sounds, machine-gun sounds and cannon ball sounds. The difference though is that the pro versions are upgraded to make them even stronger and perform better with metal parts.

The most important change on this pro version is the gearbox that has been replaced with a metal gearbox with metal gears. This makes the tank tougher and more reliable. The plastic tracks and wheels have also been replaced with metal tracks and wheels. Not only does this make them stronger but they also look fantastic and add to the realism of the model.

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Features:
    • Maximum side turning angel of turret (left/right) approximately 320-degree
    • Maximum vertical turning angel of gun (up/down) approximately 30-degree
    • Maximum climbing gradient (changeable on different road surfaces) approximately 35-degree
    • Product size: 54.5 x 23.5 x 27.5cm
    • Function: forward high-speed forward, backward, high-speed backward and spin

    • The barrel moves up and down 30. the turret turns 320 emulation music and action effect
    • Full scale R/C function, frequency-free to change for any frequencies as you like, Multi-players and tanks are allowed
    • Realistic functions, supper chassis, Realistic suspension system
    • Full scale R/C function simulative motor start-up sound
    • Engine sound, machine-gun sound
    • Cannonball sound Emulation action effect

The model comes with a dedicated control transmitter unit with its own on/off switch and an 'On' indicator light. The transmitter requires 8 AA alkaline batteries (not included). Interchangeable crystals allow more than one tanks to be operated at the same time.

Have a full-on battle with up to 2 of your friends and see who will become the Air soft Battle Tank Champion. Each Tank can be switched between 3 different channels so the controls do not interfere with each other.

This tank actually shoots 6mm plastic BBs from a fully automatic motorized firing system using self-generated compressed air. These can hit a target up to 25m away. The tank can fire while on the move or stationary and can hold up to 40 BBs in the turret. A box of pellets is included to get you started.

The turret is able to turn left and right to almost a complete circle (320 degrees).

Push the left joy stock left or right to rotate the turret.

The BB gun can be fired at the same time while the tank is moving. The gun can move up and down at the same time as the turret is turning.

The barrel has an approximately 20 degree tilt up & down.

Push the left joy stock down to move the gun up & down.

Independent suspension and proportional speeds allow it to climb gradient of 35 degrees and overcome most terrains and minor obstacles.

The right joy stock is used to control all movement including forward, backward, left turn, right turn, left spin, right spin, backward left turn and backward right turn.The two trim levers for the right joy stick can be used to fine tune the joy stick

This tank comes with a 7.2V Ni-Cad rechargeable battery and charger. Oversea customers will need a converter/transformer. The charger need about 7 to 8 hours for a full charge. Running time per full charge can be as long as 30 minutes depending on pattern of play.


On the right you can see the metal tracks but also the Bulldog's exhaust.


The Bulldog is almost 2 feet in length! This tank is fully functional with multi-directional driving (and it's fast!), 360 degree turret swivel and the barrel raises and lowers. This tank has a bb gun that shoots standard 6mm BBs and a capacity of 40 pellets.