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1/36th Scale RC Boeing Aircraft (RTF Radio Control Airplane) Refurbished

1/36th Scale RC Boeing Aircraft (RTF Radio Control Airplane) Refurbished
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Product Description

Radio Controlled Aircraft - RC 1:36 BOEING-Style Aircraft RADIO CONTROL Airplane  Refurbished
Full Radio control equipment included and installed !!!

One of Our top of the range ready to fly model aircraft and very popular – this boeing-style aircraft is an an acrobatic motor driven glider, it poses fantastic “stay up” properties and in the right weather conditions can stay flying for an hour with the right pilot!!

Super Quality Series Scale Airplane

It uses radio control equipment which is easily moved to other models Although still very stable and easy to fly I would recommend this as your top choice for your second model.

Box of the airplane

The Boeing-Style aircraft opened a whole new world of soaring excitement for modellers everywhere by giving them a beautifully crafted electric-powered sailplane that goes together in about one hour including charging the battery, all that's left for a modeller to do now is install the transmitter batteries, bolt on the tail, slide together the wing halves, charge the included Ni-Cd battery, and fly.

  • Boeing-style Aircraft is ready to fly in the box
  • Two Speed selectable control
  • Flight stabilizing system
  • Brake for easy landing
  • Charge in just minutes
  • Super touch, lightweight airframe
  • Features auto flight mode for beginners and full control mode for more experienced pilots
  • Simple Right and Left steering control
  • Thrust Button for takeoff and climbing
  • Quick charger built into controller, no separated charger to buy or carry
  • Functional landing gear for realistic takeoffs and landings from hard, smooth surfaces
  • All molded plastic and foam construction
  • Ingenious thrust vector controls
  • Automatic climb mode
  • Two channel radio is ergonomically shaped

High Performance Specifications:

  • Flies over 20m high.
  • Two speed selectable control.
  • Altitude and rotor speed control.
  • Flight stabilizing system.
  • Brake for easy landing.
  • Charges in just minutes.
  • Completely ready-to-fly.
  • Solid state electronic motor control.
  • Twin electric motors.
  • 2-Channel radio control with auto pilot.
  • 5-Cell 6V Nickel metal hydride flight pack (included).
  • Makes learning to fly easy.

Package contains:

  • 1 Boeing-Style Aircraft
  • 2 Motors.
  • 4 Propellers (2 spares).
  • 5-Cell Nickel Metal Hydride Flight Pack (for plane).
  • 1 Charger/Adapter.
  • 1 Flight Battery.
  • Head gear.
  • Rear gear.
  • Flag shown wind direction.
  • 1 Controller and 1 battery box.
  • User Manual.

Condition: Refurbished mint condition in its original box; ready for immediate shipment.

This Less-Than-New Product is functional but may be slightly used or blemished. It has been carefully inspected and repackaged.  Limited Stocks!