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18 G Micro RC Servo *Compatiable for R/C ARF Airplanes

18 G Micro RC Servo *Compatiable for R/C ARF Airplanes
Item# Servo_SD-18G
Price: $8.00
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Product Description

THIS IS ONE SUPER MICRO 18G SERVO pole motor and indirect drive give this micro the extreme torque needed for larger aircraft, yet in a size that fits park flyers. Our 18G servos retail at least over $30 in retail store (most places we distribute to sell for around $20 ) Who buys from us??? Our servos are used by many manufacturers all over the world in helicopters, small to mid-size r/c airplanes, and many schools and institutions (mostly those engineering dudes)!

BRAND NEW - SEALED 18 Gram Mini Micro Servo!!!  Retail $29.99+ in store!!!

Call us crazy, but this is the lowest price you will ever see!!! At such an bargain price, it's great for students who are working on engineering projects, ideal for hobby people, and best of all, it's the ultimate item for your remote control airplanes and helicopters!!!

Light-Weight, High-Quality, and Lightning-Fast
 "Designed to work with almost all Radio Control Systems"

Attack Servo
Our 18G Servo is brand New, sealed in original package. This one servo here is taken out of box for picture only.

Compatiable w/: FUTABA, JR, HITEC, AIRTRONICS, GWS, SANWA & AASHAI Radio Systems

Servo Size (mm) Weight (g/oz) Speed (sec/60) Torque (kg-cm/oz-in)
Micro18 28.4 x 13.2 x 35.1 18/0.63 0.1 2.0/27.8 (4.8 V)

2.2/30.6 (6.0 V)