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100 Feet AV & Power Extend Cable

100 Feet AV & Power Extend Cable
Item# AV-Cable-30M
Price: $17.95

Product Description


  • Extend your camera's video and power cables to reach sources conveniently
  • Cable fitted with RCA-style connectors for easy connections

Essential Info

Don't waste time soldering or crimping video or power cables or risk voiding your surveillance camera's warranty by splicing in your own wires. Most surveillance cameras only have a few feet of cable coming off the camera, but that shouldn't limit your placement options. Mount your new camera just about anywhere you like, thanks to the 100-Foot Video & Power Extension Cable, which has RCA connectors on each end to connect easily from the camera to your power source and video outlet. You may also need a BNC to RCA Adapter to change the camera's video output connector from a BNC fitting to an RCA output.

What's Included

  • 100-foot cable