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Lotus RC T80 Quad-Copter 4 Channel Almost Ready to Fly

Lotus RC T80 Quad-Copter 4 Channel Almost Ready to Fly
Item# 09H001-T80-ARF

Product Description

The T80 quad-copter is a mini size model designed for indoor and outdoor recreational flight. It is capable of hauling a light camera for flight photography or first person view flight. With dimensions of about 12 in diameter its the perfect size. Equipped with high speed appropriative brushless electronic controller, the board can continuously output 6 amps to the 1900KV brushless motors. This provides excellent payload performance up to 50 grams. The built in power off feature protects the board from overloading when the main blades are choked. The flight control system utilizes high speed main control chip that operates efficiently and provides a stable platform. It is combined with a high performance MEMS workmanship transducer that allows the craft to reach stable and reliable attitude control. The software system avoids many sophisticated programming processes and allows the user to easily achieve flight via the automatic adaption parameter of intelligent value algorithms from the board.

1)   Small in dimension and light weight with the ability to take off and land  vertically. 2) Minimum noise during flight and fit for a small area of flight.
3)   Safe and easy to control during stable flight. With a built-in flight auto stabilization system, the user does not need to correct the flight altitude frequently. Thus, stable hovering and aerial flight can be achieved.
4)  " It uses four direct drive brushless motors, fitted at the optimum position to achieve high power conversion and stronger thrust.
5)   With the flexible flight environment and the ability to configure the model, hanging an equipment of reasonable weight is possible for  flight photography, FPV, etc, including any expandable legal activities.
6)   All model metal parts are processed by sophisticated CNC skill, reasonably structured, they have a strong resistance to impact, and are also very durable.
7)   Only 4 remote control proportion channels are required.
8)?  A dark grey translucent cover will help to observe working condition of the model.

Items Required to Complete Build and Achieve Flight:
4 Channel Radio Sytem (Receiver and Transmitter)
7.4v 850mah Li-Po Battery
Li-Po Battery Charger
Assembly of Quad-Copter

User's Manual

Technical parameters:

Model size




Maximum expandable size




Motor to motor

Diagonal distance between two motor centers




liPo 2S 850 mAh 15c


1300mAh is usable

Unit ARF weight

No battery, receiver, applicable load



Takeoff weight

2S 850mAh battery, receiver


Standard configuration

Efficient payload

Mini vidicon / camera



Maximum lift force

Use850mAh standard battery



Maximum payload

Use 850mAh standard battery



Maximum takeoff weight

Use850mAh standard battery


Safety margin