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AeroSky C6 RC 6 Channel Carbon Quadcopter Almost Ready to Fly

AeroSky C6 RC 6 Channel Carbon Quadcopter Almost Ready to Fly
Item# 05H106-Quad-C6-Carbon-ARF
Price: $389.00
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Product Description

The AeroSky C6 quadcopter is a multi-rotor machine designed for amateur to experienced pilots. It is driven by four 920KV brushless outrunner motors and supported by four brushless 40 amp Hobbywing Skywalker electronic speed controllers. This impressive power system nets a payload capacity of up to 2.5 lbs. This allows the machine to carry FPV camera systems or other recording devices that can be applied to entertainment, aerial photography, and other aero activities. The frame structure consists of frame arms and main frame constructed of carbon fiber tubing and plates that enhance rigidity and crash worthiness. The main boards are constructed with high strength compound PCB frame board, which makes wiring of electronic speed controllers and battery leads safer and easier. The optimized frame design also provides abundant assembly space for autopilot systems.

The heart of the machine lies within the MWC flight control board. This programmable board via onboard USB port is fitted with a ATmega2560 CPU, MPU6050 Gyro and Accelerometer, HMC5883 MAG, and MS5611 Barometer. 

This almost ready to fly package has the four hobbywing skywalker 40amp esc and four 920kv motors installed. You will need a 14.8v lithium battery and lithium capable charger along with a radio system. Furthermore you will need to complete the programming and settings for the quad. 

Ultra Strength Carbon Fiber Material
Integrated PCB wiring
Huge Assembly Space
Gorgeous Frame Arms

Dimensions: 23.62in
Height: 12.2in
Weight: 40.56oz
Four 10x4.5 inch Propellers
Payload: 40.56oz

Battery: 4s 2000-5000mah
Motor: Four 2217 OutRunner Brushless 920KV Motors
ESC: Four 40A Hobbywing SkyWalker Brushless Electronic Speed Controllers

MWC Flight Control Board
CPU: ATmega2560 (Arduino compatible)
USB in board

Required to Fly:
14.8v Li-Po Battery
Lipo Battery Charger
Computer to program board
Radio System with at least 6 channel